SP Flash Tools and Firmware for Oppo R819 Phone
Please, download the first 2 files & ROM, if you need to repair Oppo R819, they work together. See "How-To" at OppoForums.
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 Preloader-&-CDC-Driver.rar   There is a text "How-To" and screenshots inside the .RAR, see them first.  01-Jan-2014 18:18 431,108 bytes
 [Oppo-Custom]SP-Flash-Tool-exe-v3.1316.1.sn127.rar  The SP Flash Tools from Oppo support.  01-Jan-2014 18:05 7,246,475 bytes
 R819AS_11_A.09_131010.rar   Stock ROM "R819AS_11_A.09_131010" for SP Flash Tools  01-Jan-2014 18:25 571,827,617 bytes
 R819AS_11_C.01_140127.rar   ColorOS "R819AS_11_C.01_140127" for SP Flash Tools  27-Jan-2014 20:30 788,904,597 bytes
 OPPO-R819-ReParted-v1.5-by-Distan7.zip   2GB ROM Re-Partition+"How-To" from distan7 at OppoForums  05-Jan-2014 18:00 1,033,840 bytes
 R819-SP-Flash-Tool-and-driver-instructions.rar  (obsolete) 2 Word files on SP Tools from Oppo support.  01-Jan-2014 18:28 613,145 bytes

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The files above are for the Oppo R819 smartphone.
More official Oppo R819 Firmware files.